“When Good Sites Go Bad” audio available

Audio from Paul Jones’ Digital Discussions session, “When Good Sites Go Bad” is now available in iTunesU. Listen or subscribe to the podcast feed from http://itunes.apple.com/us/itunes-u/digital-discussions/id554244100.

Digital Discussions Session, 10/11, noon: Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina

Join us for the October Digital Discussions session. Natasha Smith from the Carolina Digital Library and Archives and Tim Shearer from Library Systems will be speaking.

What: Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina
Who: Natasha Smith (Carolina Digital Library and Archives) and Tim Shearer (Library Systems)
When: Thursday, October 11, Noon – 1 PM
Where: Davis Library 214

“Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina” (http://docsouth.unc.edu/commland), a digital humanities project, documents the state’s history through a spatially based presentation of sites of memory, including commemorative monuments, shrines, and public art. The site enables users to visualize and analyze the historical memory of the state by accessing a variety of resources – historic maps, postcards, photographs, printed publications, newspaper clippings, and manuscript materials – that reveal when, how, and where North Carolinians have commemorated their past. It encourages users to reflect on what parts of history North Carolinians have elected to and not to commemorate as well as how commemoration has changed over time.

Commemorative Landscapes is the result of close collaboration between the Library, the Scholarly Advisor Prof. Fitz Brundage, and the project’s Advisory Board. It brings together talents and expertise in digital libraries and digital humanities, programming, historical memory, Indian history, African American history, architectural history, and public history.

At our session, we will talk about technologies employed to present the collection and its many fascinating features; logic behind our decision of using a specific technology or tool, and the role the content played in making such decisions.