January 10 – The Wikipedia “GLAM” Initiative and How the UNC Library Might (Or Might Not) Get Involved

Please join us on January 10 at noon in Davis Library 214 for an engaging discussion of Wikipedia and cultural heritage organizations, led by Nick Graham from the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center and Emily Jack from the North Carolina Collection.

What: The Wikipedia “GLAM” Initiative and How the UNC Library Might (Or Might Not) Get Involved
Who: Nick Graham, North Carolina Digital Heritage Center and Emily Jack, North Carolina Collection
When: January 10, 2013, Noon – 1 PM
Where: Davis Library 214

The Wikimedia Foundation has been devoting a lot of resources to its “GLAM” (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) initiative, with the goal of building more concrete partnerships between Wikipedia and cultural heritage organizations. The initiative is presented as a mutually beneficial collaboration between Wikipedians and GLAM professionals, but what is the real value of dedicating staff time to a Wikipedia project? The Digital Heritage Center and the North Carolina Collection will discuss this question in light of their recent Wikipedia explorations. This will be a conversation, rather than a lecture, but topics of discussion might include:

  • What has changed in the way librarians approach and understand Wikipedia?
  • Aside from creating and editing Wikipedia articles, what might a Wikipedia project entail?
  • What kind of return on investment might a cultural heritage organization achieve with any of those projects?
  • Why might some kinds of GLAMs find working with Wikipedia more worthwhile than others?
  • How do questions about copyright and licensing play into a Wikipedia project?
  • Is there a culture clash between Wikipedians and GLAM professionals? If so, can it be overcome to the benefit of both sides?

CANCELED – 12/6/12 Digital Discussions session

The 12/6 Digital Discussions session “From Words to Coordinates: “Geo,” discovery, and putting things on maps” has been canceled due to illness. We hope to get this talk back on the schedule for next spring. Stay tuned!