Library Web Site Redesign Methodology – Thursday, noon

Please join us this Thursday for this month’s Digital Discussions.

What: Library Web Site Redesign Methodology
Who: Emily King, Kim Vassiliadis, Chad Haefele, UNC Libraries
When: October 3, 2013, Noon – 1 PM
Where: Davis Library 214

In the design of the new library website, our goals centered around creating a user centered website, but how do we know what our users really want? Join us to discuss how we used prototyping and usability testing to design the new library home page that will work for our users. We will discuss why we selected these methods, the specific findings we had during this study, and how we incorporated these findings into our new design.

Hope to see you there!


Digital Discussions Thursday 9/5, Noon – high dynamic range negative digitization

Join us for September’s Digital Discussions session, this Thursday.

What: The Process of Photographic Negative Digitization and the Use of High Dynamic Range Software for Optimal Image Results: A Case Study using the Hugh Morton Photograph Collection

Who: Kerry Bannen, Jay Mangum, and Fred Stipe, Carolina Digital Library and Archives, UNC Libraries

When: September 5, 2013, Noon ­ 1 PM

Where: Davis Library 214

When digitizing photographic negatives, there is always “more image information than meets the eye”. Subtle shades of grey often lurk within the shadows [and in the highlights] of photographic negatives. Conventional scanning systems have a limited range of tones that they can effectively capture and render. Sadly, this produces images that are often lacking in depth, complexity and vibrancy. The staff of the Digital Production Center has been using a special digitization technique and associated software to greatly expand and enhance the tonal range that is available for capture. The resulting images contain a tonal range from dark to light that more accurately expresses what the eye can see. This technique was extensively used during the production of a traveling exhibit of photographs by Hugh Morton, one of North Carolina’s most notable photographers.

A Gentle Introduction to the Digital Humanities, Aug. 8

Join us next week for this month’s Digital Discussions!

What: A Gentle Introduction to the Digital Humanities

Who: Jenn Riley & Leslie Barnes, Carolina Digital Library and Archives, UNC Libraries
When: August 8, 2013, Noon – 1 PM
Where: Davis Library 214

Digital technologies are having a profound impact on humanities research methods and products. The “humanities computing” field of the 1990s has grown into the current “digital humanities,” but these methods are still evolving quickly in 2013. This presentation will provide an introduction to digital humanities terminology and concepts, discuss how both the academy and libraries are engaging with digital humanities practices, and introduce some digital humanities tools and resources for learning more and participating in the digital humanities community.

May Digital Discussions recording available

An audio recording and presentation slides from Anne Gilliland’s recent Digital Discussions session on “The role of fair use: digitizing material for preservation and access” are now available at:

June Digital Discussions – From Words to Coordinates: “Geo,” discovery, and putting things on maps

Join us for the June Digital Discussions event!

What: From Words to Coordinates: “Geo,” discovery, and putting things on maps

Who: Tim Shearer, Library Systems
When: June 13, Noon – 1 PM
Where: Davis Library 214

In an effort distinct from Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the library has begun to add coordinate information to digital objects. Discovery of these objects is supported through GeoBrowse ( and GeoSearch (

Tim will discuss the genesis of these new efforts, the decisions and technology behind them, and some ideas for the future.

Thursday May 9 – Fair Use and Digitization

Join us for May’s Digital Discussions session this Thursday for a presentation on fair use and digitization.

What: The Role of Fair Use:  Digitizing Material for Preservation and Access
Who: Anne Gilliland, Scholarly Communications Officer, UNC Libraries
When: May 9, 2013, Noon – 1 PM
Where: Davis Library 214

The fair use exception is both one of the most-used and also one of the most-misunderstood parts of copyright law. In this session, Anne Gilliland will examine the importance of fair use when digitizing material for preservation and access as well as its limitations and common misconceptions about the doctrine. Questions and discussion welcome.

Hope to see you there!

4/11 Digital Discussions canceled

The Digital Discussions session scheduled for noon on April 11 “Building Transparency through Agile Project Management” has been canceled due to illness.

April Digital Discussions: Agile Project Management

Join us April 11 at noon for the next Digital Discussions session.

What: Building Transparency through Agile Project Management
Who: Tim McGeary, Library & Information Technology
When: April 11, 2013, Noon – 1 PM
Where: Davis Library 214

There are many goals and objective to project management, which is no less true of Agile project management methodologies.  This presentation will look at one key objective to using Agile: transparency.  As one of the three foundational “T’s” of Agile, transparency is arguably the keystone as it enables trust and teamwork.  We will explore how the impacts and benefits of transparency throughout the entire Agile process.

Audio from Digital Discussions BitCurator session available

Audio and presentation slides from Cal Lee and Kam Woods’ Digital Discussions session on BitCurator are now available at

March session: Enhancing your Workflow with Digital Forensics Tools: The BitCurator Environment

Please join us on March 14 at noon, for a Digital Discussions session with Kam Woods and Cal Lee from SILS. The topic is “Enhancing your Workflow with Digital Forensics Tools: The BitCurator Environment.” More information can be found at